Some Times You Feel Like A Nut

Softball on Knob of Bat

Welcome to the mighty Allen Softball Peanuts home off the field,  

This is the place to find out what’s happening with the Nuts crew.  We’re mostly just a bunch of old hacks trying to hold on to what’s left of our youth by playing D-league softball in Allen, Texas.  We win some, lose a few, and have fun no matter what happens.

If you are interested in following us, you have several options.  You can read more about the team, follow us on Facebook, check out our schedule, see how we are doing this season (our standings), or even contact us directly.  Members of the sports media should route interview team requests though the league office.

Best of all, the weekly team press releases can be found here as well.  Afraid you might miss a press release?  Don’t worry.  You can get all the updates by submitting your email in the sidebar the right at the top of the page.

If you are free on a Thursday night, we’d love to see you out at Ford Fields.  If we’re not there, you can probably find us a D-Bat or at Kelly’s (our unofficial home off the field).

Hope to see you soon.

Go Nuts!
Team Peanuts