(AP) Allen, TX – In what proved to be an exciting start to the 2016 fall season, the Peanuts Men’s D League Softball team jumped out to a commanding lead over perennial conference rival Conway’s Sports Bar, only to see it evaporate before sealing the win, 16-15, in its opening day game September 1st at Ford Fields in Allen.  The win placed the Peanuts (1-0) in a shared tie for first place for the first time in 4 seasons.

The Peanuts rallied to a 16-8 lead against perennial rival Conway’s Sports Bar through four innings.  The fifth inning proved dicey, however, as the Nuts gave up 7 runs before sealing the victory.

“Tonight we proved that we can come through in the clutch,” said Team Manager, Matt Tenner.  “It is never quite over until it is over and even then, it’s never quite over.”

“They say the last out is the toughest one to get,” said outfielder Chris Baker.  “We were leading 16-12 with two outs and they just kept grinding.  It wasn’t until Paul [shortstop Paul Sebert] snagged that line drive that I felt like we had the 3rd out.”

Some credit the ‘nice guy’ mentality of this team to its difficulty in putting teams away.  “The Peanuts are the only team I know,” said shortstop and third baseman Ben Nelson, “that can have a team down, our foot on their throat, and then help them up and dust them off.  We are just too nice a bunch of guys.”

Nice guys may finish last, but this team has proven (so far) that nice guys can finish at least in the top half of the league.