AP (Allen, TX) — The Mighty Allen Softball Peanuts extended their record-breaking winning streak this week with an impressive victory over One Bad Inning. It was the squad’s second win over the OBI crew in as many tries, having beaten them in the Spring 12-7.  One Bad Inning falls to 1-5 on the loss.

In addition to the usual personnel challenges, the Nuts faced some exceeding unusual equipment challenges this week. Two hours before game time, Coach Tenner realized that the team bats were not in his possession. “Mason usually takes care of the bats,” remarked the frustrated coach, “and he’s in Asia. Looks like we need a new equipment manager.”

Nut’s catcher and equipment manager Mason was not available for comment.

A Single Bat Rules The Night

Coach Tenner was only able to find a single bat for the squad, which clearly impacted the offense. Second baseman Johnston, sensitive to the last minute bat change, was erratic, swinging at one pitch and missing it completely. He redeemed himself during his last at-bat, clearing the fence to score the final three runs in the contest.

Happily, Jonston was not required to run during his last at-bat, as the Nut’s equipment problems extended to his shoes. “I paid more than $10 for these cleats, and I plan to get all $10 worth of value out of them,” remarked Johnston, who had trouble with the zip-ties he uses to hold the shoes together during the game.

Hitting well again this week were both “Mr. Automatic” Cole and journeyman Catcher Rick Saavedra. Center fielders Tenner and Baker teamed up for back-to-back shots over the head of the shell-shocked OBI left fielder.

Notably, Saavedra was again uninjured in the contest and will be taking over for Mason in Asia next week. His ability to avoid injury while in Asia remains unclear.

The single bat was responsible for a total of twelve runs on the evening, but the real story this week was again on defense.

Nuts Defense Dominates Diamond

Because of the strength of the scouting report, the One Bad Inning coach admitted in a post-game interview that they “are afraid to hit to center field. We are unwilling to challenge Baker and Tenner and prefer to take our chances on the edges.” OBI paid dearly for that choice last night.

Cole, who continues to improve in right field year on year had two catches in right to match the two in left from Haisler. Additionally, Haisler almost had a amazing sliding catch to match the sliding catch from Baker last week.

heathReturning to the lineup this week at the hot corner was infielder Heath Van Kirk, who snagged two line drives and had an unassisted put-out at bag #3. Heath is back after a series of social engagements with local Dallas socialites and personal meeting with Derek Jeter in Baltimore. When asked what makes the ladies swoon around him, the young Van Kirk simply replied “No comment.”

Locking down the middle infield again this week was Sebert, who refused to let anything by him during the duration of the contest. On the right side, Rusty Dubree (complete with Glove-Buddy) was on his game, stretching for several nice plays at first.

Challenging Rusty’s skills at first tonight was Robinson, who had a great snag at the mound followed by an amazingly poor toss in the dirt to the first baseman only four feet away. Still, Robinson contributed nicely, striking out three and allowing only three runs on the evening.

Base Coach Saavedra Suspended

The game was not without drama, as base coach Saavedra was suspended after the game for his coaching performance at third. After a routine shot to the outfield, the One Bad Inning defensemen hit the cutoff at second. Upon seeing this, Saavedra waited and then sent Cole home from third. The second baseman gunned the helpless right fielder down by a mile.

In a equally poor decision, Saavedra sent center fielder Baker home on a passed ball. Baker would have been thrown out at home if not for an errant throw from the OBI catcher back to the pitcher.

Club officials are not commenting, but Saavedra’s reassignment to Asia next week is rumored to be related to the blatant coaching miscues.

While still tied for first by record, the Nuts now find themselves behind on the tiebreaker which is “Runs Against”. The Peanuts have allowed 29 runs this season, compared to 26 allowed by the other undefeated team, MUS. To recapture the lead, the Nuts will need to have a strong defensive performance against the Ugly Sticks next Thursday (October 23) at 9:30PM on Ford Fields #3.