About The Nuts

In The Beginning, There Were Three

The mighty Allen Peanuts (often called The Nuts) started in early 2013 when Bruce Cramer (DH), Matt Tenner (CF) and Brady Cole (RF) sent an email to some families that they had met at church (or at the church preschool, Suncreek Kids).  The truth was, their wives knew the other families, and were encouraging the formation of a softball team.  Here is an excerpt from that email sent by Bruce on January 16, 2013:

In an effort to get to know more families that attend Suncreek (or are friends of Suncreek) in a fun and social setting, Matt Tenner, Brady Cole, and I wanted to solicit interest in a men’s slow pitchsoftball team.  You (or for most of you, your spouse) are receiving this email because you have been identified by extremely stringent critieria…someone has identified you as a man and /or as someone that might be interested.
There was enough interest, so Bruce registered the team, fronting the registration money.
more to follow

The early roster

Early records

Change in leadership